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  1. The Restoration of Freedom, Democracy, Sovereignty & Scientific Truth in Australia - Identifying The Failings And Moving Forward

The Galileo Movement is a voluntary, independent and nonaligned apolitical group of volunteers dedicated to restoring scientific integrity to climate science and dedicated to implementation by government of honest policy based on empirical scientific evidence.

It's clear for all to see that climate science is corrupted. It's self-evident that corruption is driven in large part by dishonest and/or weak national governance. Climate policy has severe future ramifications on governance and freedom. Australia's sovereignty is threatened by politically-driven falsehoods from UN agencies and Australian government agencies funded by taxpayers. As a result efforts to restore scientific integrity encroach politics.

UN Agenda 21 in particular is a highly politicised umbrella campaign encompassing three parts:

  • biodiversity;
  • sustainability;
  • fraudulent climate alarm as the crisis used to stir public support.
All three parts rely on claims contradicting empirical scientific evidence. UN Agenda 21 is a politically driven campaign to undermine Australian sovereignty and governance.

Graham Williamson is a private citizen whose immense dedicated work aims to inform and hold accountable politicians and advocates of cutting human CO2. Prior to posting his documents he readily agreed to posting his personal declaration of interests, below.

As a non-political group, The Galileo Movement Advises that statements in Graham's already widely circulated documents are not necessarily those of The Galileo Movement.

We are pleased though to share Graham Williamson's carefully researched articles.

Senator Malcolm Roberts finally opens the public debate about the UN agenda the mainstream media has refused to discuss for 2 decades.
One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts, in a remarkable prelude to his parliamentary career, has already succeeded in lifting the mainstream media censored subject of Agenda 21 into the mainstream media. For more than 2 decades, since the UN Agenda 21 program was introduced to Parliament in 1992, the mainstream media has pretended Agenda 21 does not exist. (PDF 288KB)

Media misinformation & censorship of Agenda 21
Incompetence or bias: why the media has consistently failed to reveal the facts. (PDF 764KB)

Summary document detailing 24 years of government deceit leading to Julie Bishop's signing of the UN's 2030 Agenda (PDF 464KB)
A quarter century history of Government deceit, betrayal & abandonment of democracy. Julie Bishop signs the $2-3 trillion 2030 agenda for a further 15 years of costly betrayal.

Greg Hunt, Councils & Agenda 21 (PDF 618KB)
This article draws attention to various claims made by the Minister for the Environment, Mr Greg Hunt, in regard to the United Nations Agenda 21 program and its implementation in Australia. Has Mr Hunt been telling the truth?

Forcing Australians to Comply with Imported United Nations Laws While Denying any Democratic Choice (PDF 472KB)
Email to Attorney General Senator George Brandis.

Introducing the United Nations Agenda 21 programme in Australia
(PDF 704KB)
After 20 years of implementing AG21, still with no democratic mandate, the UN is now moving to impose the next stage on the world, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Introducing the United Nations 2015 - 2030 agenda
(PDF 701KB)
After 23 years of implementing AG21 with no democratic mandate, with the help of our politicians the UN is now moving to the next stage, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UN estimates annual cost of $2-3 trillion indefinitely.

Should Australian laws be democratic or imported?
(PDF 718KB)
Climate change, environment, human rights, border control - should Australian laws be determined democratically by the people, or be imposed undemocratically by the UN?

Malcolm Turnbull, Socialists, United Nations, Libertarians, All Demand Open Borders
(PDF 419KB)
Globalists seize opportunity to push their anti-Australian global agenda.

When Must Official Political Party Policy Never Be Mentioned In Public?
(PDF 689KB)
When it involves the United Nations AG21/sustainability agenda of course!

Restoring Australia To Lead The World As An Independent, Democratic, Sovereign Nation
(PDF 729KB)
Or should we continue selling Australia out for the 'greater global good'?

Should Australians Be Entitled To Democratically Control Their Own Country? Government Says No, Only The United Nations Can Do So
(PDF 436KB)
Put Australian autonomy and democracy first, say NO to UN climate interference.

How Successive Governments Destroyed Democracy (PDF 602KB)

  • UN Committee for Development Policy - Policy Note (2.2MB). Global governance and global rules for development in the post-2015 era
  • UN Department Of Economic And Social Affairs - Background Paper No. 13 (432KB). Guidance in preparing a national sustainable development strategy: managing sustainable development in the new millenium.
Successive Australian governments, rather than respond democratically to the people, have for more than 3 decades, sought to forcibly impose imported undemocratic policies upon the people.

Continuing Bipartisan Betrayal Of The People As Governments Trash Democracy & Put Their Own Country Last
(PDF 446KB)
Environment Minister Greg Hunt turns down the heat in Paris, converting a predicted climatic Armageddon into an "exciting time" for all.

The UN & the Judiciary, With the Help of Our Politicians, Continue With Plans to Expand Global Environmental Law (PDF 866KB)
Experts say democracy is frustrating attempts to introduce global controls. Do you agree? Or should the people have a democratic say?

From Climate Change To Human Rights. Asking the Wrong Question to Get the Right Answer (PDF 397KB)
Wrong question: Do you believe in global warming aka climate change?
Correct question: Do you believe Australia should give the UN & other foreign agencies the power to control Australian emissions and energy consumption, or should Australian 'solutions' be democratically determined by the Australian people?
Checking the 'Fine Print' of the UN's Post-2015 Sustainability Agenda (PDF 620KB)
Why has the UN decided to omit so many vital details? Why has this deceit been approved by Australian politicians? Will the Australian government force citizens to comply with the UN's post-2015 agenda, as they did with the 'non-binding' Agenda 21?
Agenda 21 in Australia - Summary (PDF 740KB)
FAQs about the wonderful UN programme the politicians prefer not to talk about. A summary of the next document below.
Agenda 21 in Australia (PDF 709KB)
FAQs about the wonderful UN programme the politicians prefer not to talk about.
Agenda 21 Facts & Quotes (PDF 491KB)
Why did successive governments send expensive implementation reports to the UN to prove they are implementing AG21 when the politicians tell the public they are not implementing it?
Australian Government Supports Agenda 21 Program Which Politicians Describe As A 'Conspiracy', But Politicians Give Voters No Democratic Choice (PDF 388KB)
The Australian Government admits on its web site that the Commonwealth made a "strong national response" to the "obligations" imposed by the UN to introduce Agenda 21.
Signatories To Igae Acknowledge Constitution Is Outdated & Irrelevant (PDF 405KB)
Prime Minister, Premiers & President of Local Government Association, sign IGAE to implement Agenda 21.
Loss Of Independence And Integrity: The Decline Of The CSIRO And The Agendas Behind That Decline (PDF 1,138KB)
"It is readily seen, from a deep and extensive study of the scientific and political literature, that the scientific impartiality, reliability, and integrity of Australia's prime national research body - the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has been seriously compromised - particularly with respect to climate science and the notion of anthropogenic global warming (AGW)...."
Agenda 21 Implementation in Australia: Its Undemocratic Bipartisan Basis & Attempts by Politicians to Shut the Debate Down (PDF 2,985KB)
"This paper is about Agenda 21 and its implementation in Australia. Its primary purpose is to examine the implementation process and assess its democratic foundations and whether the public have truly been permitted to make an informed democratic choice. Its secondary purpose is to evaluate whether Agenda 21 is beneficial and necessary for Australians...."
Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance Supports Media Survey Which Is Not Interested In Factual Accuracy About Science Of Climate Change (PDF 755KB)
"First ACIJ report into climate policy not interested in truth, only anti-government bias, but why the delay in the second report into climate science? The purpose of this paper is to document the shortcomings of the ACIJ survey of the media coverage of climate change, A sceptical climate - media coverage of climate change in Australia, and examine the response of both the ACIJ and the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) to these shortcomings...."
An Analysis of the Anti-Australian Initiatives of the Australian Government & Their Globalisation Agenda (PDF 1,004KB)
"This paper demonstrates various ways in which the Australian government has put the interests of Australia last in the interests of globalisation & the instructions of the UN. Though some consider the Australian government to be incompetent or 'accident prone', the evidence indicates their actions are planned & deliberate & their purpose is to promote globalisation, certainly not strengthen Australia's autonomy & independence. This being the case, it is concluded they are performing their task brilliantly...."
UN Agenda 21 (AG21) In Brief (PDF 425KB)
"AG21 is a foreign United Nations (UN) program aimed at controlling all aspects of people's lives. It reduces or eliminates individual human rights such as private property rights. AG21 is a UN program adopted by the Keating government in 1992, later ratified by the Howard government, & implemented by successive federal, state & local governments of all political persuasions ever since. In 20 years of implementation, neither of the two major political parties has declared AG 21 as official policy, nor given voters a democratic choice...."
Failure of the Mainstream Media & The Scientific Fraud of Climate Change & Per Capita Emissions (PDF 521KB)
"Although the mainstream media has been used to demonise or vilify anyone who dares to oppose the government's version of climate science or the CO2 tax, this information has been excluded from media studies such as the ACIJ Bacon study. Indeed, so intense has been the need to shut down the climate change debate that any opponents, or so called 'sceptics', may be linked to paedophilia and sexual abuse of children, as being 'holocaust deniers'...."
Agenda 21 & Failure of Democracy in Australia - White-anting of the Legal System to Transfer Property Rights to Plants & the Environment (PDF 858KB)
"Councils around the country are busy transferring private property rights of landowners, piece by piece, to the plants or 'eco system' of which the property is comprised. Councils are busy putting so many obstacles and restrictions on landowners their land is becoming virtually unusable and worthless. The value of local land owner's properties is being reduced without compensation - akin to taking money from their bank accounts without permission, once called stealing...."
Climate Commission Abandons Science Again - Response to "Critical Decade, International Action on Climate Change" report (PDF 464KB)
"The Australian government has enforced upon Australians the highest carbon dioxide price in the world for no clear environmental or climatic benefit. And now, in a further attempt to try and justify their failed unscientific climate policy, Climate Commissioners Tim Flannery, Roger Beale, and Gerry Hueston have released their brand new report...."
Agenda 21, Councils & Property Rights (PDF 742KB)
"Agenda 21, or the Agenda for the 21st century, was adopted at the United Nations Earth Summit or United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) at Rio in 1992 and formed the basis of Australia's National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (NSESD). It was approved by Ros Kelly of the Labor Party and later by Robert Hill and John Howard. Although Agenda 21 is a soft law document that has no solid basis in Australian law, in practice the provisions of Agenda 21 have been enthusiastically embraced and implemented by all levels of government in Australia, particularly local government...."
Submission Re the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 (PDF 301KB)
"The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill undermines free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association and natural justice. It should be rejected, or amended. Surrendering Human Rights Control to the UN. Since the need to surrender human rights control to foreign agencies has not been established, the Bill must be amended by deleting Division 2, Section 3 of the Bill...."
Proposed Australian Referendum to Strengthen Local Councils (PDF 472KB)
"Greens & Government want referendum to gain more control over local Councils. The current Labor government plans to conduct a referendum at the next election to constitutionally recognise and give more rights to local councils. The commitment to hold a referendum was part of an agreement signed by the Greens Party and the ALP in order to form government...."
Mob Mentality, Groupthink, & Climate Change Hysteria (PDF 415KB)
"Most sensible people who are not financially dependent upon the climate change gravy train are sensible enough to fully realise man cannot control climate and extreme weather. Yet, incredible though it may seem, there still remain some, who are otherwise intelligent, who still believe the claims of reversible impending human caused climatic destruction of the entire globe. How can this be? What drives people to cling to such strange and extreme beliefs?...."
Pathway to World Government - Creating the Need: The United Nations Strategy - Creating the Problem to Provide the Solution (PDF 418KB)
"Recognising the problem: strength and independence of countries must be destroyed and replaced by weakness and interdependence. In the 1960's Australia was a prosperous independent country with almost unlimited opportunities. The first step is to undermine this success, prosperity and independence so a solution is needed...."
Pathway to World Government - Essential Steps to Overcome Democracy & Sovereignty (PDF 444KB)
"Now the problem of global fragility and global financial chaos has been successfully created, what is the best way to overcome the restrictions of democracy and sovereignty to enforce the global revolution? Clearly a global government is not possible while there are effective national borders and anti-global restrictions of national sovereignty still operate...."
Submission re the Clean Energy (carbon dioxide tax) Legislation (PDF 864KB)
"To the persons responsible for the carbon tax bills, after a cursory reading of said bills please receive my submission as follows. As an Australian citizen by birth, I .... am deeply concerned that the proposed laws are unsound, have no factual or scientific foundation, undemocratic, discriminatory, and the intent and workings of the proposed law is fundamentally dishonest and deceptive...."
Submission re the NSW Native Vegetation Regulation (PDF 204KB)
"I am concerned about serious problems with the native vegetation laws. I am concerned that the current Review has ignored major economic, social and environmental costs imposed by the Native Vegetation Regulation. I am concerned that the proposed changes do not guarantee important protections for landholders and local communities. Protection of private property rights must be strengthened but the new proposals make no commitment in this regard. Government moves to erode property rights and devalue private land by rezoning are fundamentally unjust, divisive, and unsustainable...."
Government Contradicts Science in Undemocratically Enforcing C02 Tax (PDF 544KB)
"The Climate Commissioners, the Australian Academy of Science, CSIRO and BOM have all agreed with independent scientists and sceptics that the science of AGW is definitely NOT settled. The government however, has contradicted this and introduced a C02 tax without scientific justification...."
Climate Commission Fails To Support Claims Regarding Health Consequences Of Human Caused Global Warming: Failure in Duty to Accurately Inform Necessitates Disbanding the Commission (PDF 870KB)
"This paper documents some of the alarming claims made regarding the supposed health consequences of alleged human caused global warming and the amazing refusal or inability of experts to back up their claims...."
Response To Climate Commission Report - "Off the charts: Extreme Australian Summer Heat" (PDF 591KB)
"This paper examines the latest Climate Commission report entitled, "Off the charts: Extreme Australian summer heat", and its evidential basis. The Commission report is assessed against its stated purpose, which is to highlight the connection between what is termed 'climate change', and the 2012-13 Australian heat wave and resultant bush fires...."
3 Strikes & Struck Out? The Climate Commission Fails in its Duty as a Supplier of Accurate, Factual Information About Climate Change (PDF 628KB)
"Since the government established the Climate Commission to supply the public with accurate, reliable information regarding the science of climate change, this paper examines three Climate Commission reports in order to assess their accuracy. The three Climate Commission reports considered are, The Off the charts: Extreme Australian summer heat report, The Critical Decade, International Action on Climate Change report, and The Critical Decade, Climate Change & Health report...."
Australia Surrenders! Subversion of Democracy by Treaties & UN Controlled Local Community Groups, Councils & NGOs (PDF 575KB)
"The purpose of this paper is to examine the status of Australian democracy and sovereignty under the constant assault from globalists and the UN...."
Climate Change: Final Political Humiliation As IPCC Joins CSIRO & Independent Scientists To Contradict Government (PDF 558KB)
"This paper examines the extent to which the Australian government continues to contradict science and reality in their attempts to justify climate policy and a CO2 tax. If government policy is falsely based upon science, and deliberately misrepresents science and scientists, then legal action is warranted...."
Agenda 21: Ending The Deception & Moving Forward (PDF 879KB)
"The choice is clear: continue to surrender Australia as required by AG21 or reclaim Australia's democracy, sovereignty & prosperity...."
Agenda 21: Conspiracy Or Reality? (PDF 481KB)
"Politicians have their say, in their own words, about the foreign programme they have been undemocratically implementing for 20 years...."
Global Warming: Science by Consensus, Popularity, or a Show of Hands (PDF 512KB)
"Consensus is a tool of politics or a tool of scoundrels who wish to stifle dissent. It is not a tool of science...."
Correspondence between Graham Williamson and Department of Environment and Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment, February 2014 (PDF 460KB)
Correspondence between Graham Williamson and Bureau of Meteorology, January 2014 (PDF 215KB)
United Nations IPCC Discredited Yet Again: Propaganda Disguised as Science and Sold by Supporters of Climate Change (PDF 488KB)
Will The Abbott Government Continue To Abandon Democracy & National Sovereignty, Or Will They Ban ISDS Type Foreign Tribunals? (PDF 480KB)
"Legal experts explain why national courts should not be replaced by secretive foreign ISDS tribunals...."
Australian Politicians Reject Democracy, Prefer Imported Undemocratic UN 'Solutions' (PDF 497KB)
"Should Australian laws & policies be determined democratically by Australians, or undemocratically by foreign entities such as the UN? Don't let the politicians continue to shut the debate down!...."
ICLEI, 'Sustainability' & Agenda 21 (PDF 1,613KB)
"Politicians support UN AG21 Program and demonise anyone who dares question it...."
Betrayal of the Australian People on an Unprecedented Scale as Australia Moves Away from Democracy (PDF 961KB)
"How successive governments have deceived the people, usurped the Constitution & subverted democracy for more than 20 years...."
American speakers revealing removal of democracy in America:
Agenda 21: Politicians Shutting The Debate Down (PDF 730KB)
"Response of the Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage to Agenda 21...."
Global Warming (AGW): Separating Fact From Fiction & Recognising False Claims (PDF 463KB)
"Issue 1: False or Alarmist Health Claims...."
Global Warming (AGW): Separating Fact From Fiction & Recognising False Claims (PDF 568KB)
"Issue 2: Droughts & AGW - IPCC Supports Climate Change 'Sceptics'...."
Global Warming (AGW): Separating Fact From Fiction & Recognising False Claims (PDF 498KB)
"Issue 3: IPCC Again Agrees with 'Sceptics' & Admits 15 Year 'Hiatus' Shows Failure of Climate Models...."
Global Warming (AGW): Separating Fact From Fiction & Recognising False Claims (PDF 473KB)
"Issue 4: IPCC Admits Human Caused Global Warming is NOT Global & is NOT Local!...."
Global Warming (AGW): Separating Fact From Fiction & Recognising False Claims (PDF 566KB)
"Issue 5: As 'Global Warming' Ceases, IPPC Predicts 'Global Warming' Caused Wars & Conflict...."
Evidence That 'Climate Change' Or 'AGW' Is Just One Part Of Agenda 21 (PDF 470KB)
Political Ideology, Not Science, The Real Driver Of Climate Change Alarmism (PDF 589KB)
Greg Hunt's reply reveals his belief in human causation of global warming is not based on empirical scientific evidence and instead relies on corruption of science (PDF 343KB)
Graham Williamson's correspondence with Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Director Dr. Rob Vertessy, March-June, 2014. Graham gave permission after his first response to BOM. We decided to await BOM's next response.

Email thread between Graham Williamson and the BOM's Dr Robert Vertessy (PDF 415KB)

Letter from Environment Minister Greg Hunt to Graham Williamson dated 5th March 2014 (PDF 89KB)

Letter from Ray Canterford, BOM Acting Director of Meteorology and CEO, to Graham Williamson dated 6th May 2014 (PDF 94KB)

Graham advised prominent politicians including Greg Hunt who continues to contradict empirical scientific evidence and condones BOM's corruption of science and climate (PDF 143KB)

Letter from Neil Plummer, BOM Assistant Director Climate Information Services, to Graham Williamson dated 6th June 2014 (PDF 96KB)

Graham Williamson replies to Greg Hunt highlighting the latter's complete failure to address key issues brought to his attention by Graham. Reply from Greg Hunt's office dated July 14th, 2014 (PDF 343KB) and Graham's response of 20th July, 2014 (PDF 901KB)

Conflicting statements within Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg's contribution as author of Chapter 18 in the UN IPCC's 5th Assessment report and the report's Summary for Policy Makers drafted by the professor and sent to governments and media? (PDF 100KB)

More hot air about climate as UN political agenda draws closer in Paris
(PDF 434KB)
Email to Australian Education Minister Christopher Pyne 27th August 2015
(PDF 604KB)
Email to Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs, 30th May, 23rd August 2015
(PDF 524KB)
Email to David Hughes, office of Prime Minister Abbott, 3rd September 2015
(PDF 528KB)
Email to University of Queensland, 7th July 2015
(PDF 564KB)
Letter from Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment Bob Baldwin MP 27th August 2015
(PDF 2,014KB)
Email reply by Graham Williamson to Bob Baldwin MP 29th August 2015
(PDF 557KB)

Australian Academy of Science Blows the Chance to Eliminate the Uncertainties of 'Climate Science' in the Lead-up to UN Paris Climate Conference.
Academy of Science Climate Change Issue 1 (PDF 398KB)
Academy Of Science Issue 2 (PDF 440KB)
Academy Of Science Issue 3 (PDF 423KB)
Academy Of Science Issue 4 (PDF 522KB)
Before using his extensively referenced reports we requested the author to declare his personal interests. Graham immediately agreed:
Declaration of interests: I am a small business owner, involved in wholesaling, and my only vested interest is in the future stability, cohesiveness, freedom, democracy, environmental preservation, and economic security of this wonderful country.

My involvement in the global warming/climate change debate has been entirely voluntary and at my own cost and I have no financial interest in global warming or associated energy industries. I also have no financial interest in exposing the IPCC, the CSIRO, or associated proponents of AGW alarm. I am not a member of any political party or any organisation with financial or political interests in the outcome of the global warming debate.

Graham Williamson
22nd May 2012