TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Letters to several Senators


Sent: Thursday, 29 September 2011 4:45 PM
To: Furner, Mark (Senator); Hogg, John (Senator); Ludwig, Joe (Senator); McLucas, Jan (Senator); Moore, Claire (Senator)
Subject: The Proposed Carbon Dioxide Tax

Dear Senators of Queensland,

Although never before involved in politics, I am annoyed and worried about the lies, deliberate manipulations, deceptions, misrepresentations, omissions, evasions and myths exposed as the basis for the government’s proposed tax on carbon dioxide. We need to restore integrity.

I am alarmed by the rigging, subversion and destruction of climate science. This has recently been drawn to my attention. I now draw it to your attention. You will find it documented in sections 6 (Political Scam Exposed) and 1 (Scientific Untruths) of The Galileo Movement’s web site

People across the country are deeply upset, worried and angry at the government’s disregard for the people and our country.

Please stop or defer the carbon tax until an inquiry has been completed into the blatant rigging and dishonest manipulation of climate science; and until the global economy recovers; and until there is international support for any action on carbon dioxide. All the big producers have decided against taxing and against trading carbon dioxide ‘credits’: America, China, India, Brazil, Japan and Russia.

Please restore the integrity of the Australian Government. Please vote against the carbon dioxide tax.

Yours sincerely,

Paul G.
Yorkeys Knob, QLD 4878, Australia

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