TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Letter to All SA Senators, Nick Xenophon & Chris Pyne


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I am writing this letter to you as a South Australian citizen, urging you not to pass the Labor government’s proposed ‘carbon’ tax.

Firstly, this government gave a very clear and unambiguous undertaking that they would not be introducing such a tax in this term of government. Suggestions that they might introduce a CO2 tax were met with derision by government ministers, and the Prime Minister herself clarified that no such tax would be introduced several days before the election. People voted on this basis. Businesses made decisions on this basis. This reversal of an explicit undertaking is a dagger to the heart of our democratic process, and one that will not be easily forgiven.

For many years I was very concerned about the problem of anthropogenic global warming. Then in recent years I actually read some of the science and looked at the political and bureaucratic processes within the IPCC that backed the doomsday claims. There are serious problems with the claims of impending doom and serious flaws in UN IPCC processes. You can make yourself easily acquainted with these problems with some simple Google searches if you have not done so already.

I have learned that a doubling of CO2 is postulated of itself to produce only very modest warming. The claims of dangerous warming rely utterly on the presumption that modest warming would be amplified by positive feedback from water vapour and clouds. This is at the heart of the matter, and to my surprise I realised that I had heard nothing of this at all from either the government or our public broadcaster. The question should have been all along – what is the accumulating evidence for this postulated positive water vapour feedback? (Where was our fearless ABC all these years?)

The answer to date to this central question of presumed amplification by water vapour is that there is no evidence of positive water vapour feedback. Computer-based climate models all expect to see the appearance of an upper tropospheric ‘hotspot’ as symptomatic of the amplification problem. There is no tropospheric hotspot to any level of significance as required by the models. What is more temperatures seem to have plateaued for a decade and the late 20th century temperature rise is well below that which the models had forecast even if CO2 emissions had been reduced. Instead emissions have risen dramatically. Could there be an inadequate understanding of the science in an immature discipline and a too-hasty rush to scientific ‘conclusions’ without proof?

The IPCC reports all say that actually there exists a ‘low level of scientific understanding’ of the role of the sun in earth’s climate. Also, for the role of clouds and aerosols. What an admission. Yet the summaries for policy makers, which is all most politicians would have time to read, all run away with the notion that the science is as good as settled. That is an unsupportable conclusion even by the IPCC’s own reports.

It is clear to me that if we are to have any policies at all on ‘global warming’, then they should be ‘no regrets’ policies which will be beneficial under any circumstances. Starting our own nuclear industry might fit that bill. Building more dams would also be another sensible option. Large scale adoption of wind and solar energy is a very regrettable policy. Such unreliable power sources must be backed by spinning stand-by from conventional sources and hence for this and other reasons of cost are very inefficient power sources and actually do little to replace conventional power. They will be monuments to government folly in future years. Right there in all our faces. Stop this folly right now.

The Australian Trade and Industry Alliance calculates that 90% of Australian businesses will be exposed to the full effect of the ‘carbon’ tax. What are consumers going to do when faced with uncompetitive Australian products? How can you compensate for that?

It is clear to me you will be voting to systematically dismantle Australia’s industrial base and send it overseas (perhaps to less energy-efficient producers). You will be vandalising our economy and sending vast sums of our national earnings to unaccountable overseas governments and other unaccountable entities. What is more, success in reducing our emissions (even to zero) will have no effect on global temperatures even if you accept the current range of computer-based climate models. Are you really willing to sacrifice Australian jobs for a zero return?

Do you realise that with the on-going global economic crisis, that the Labor Party will bear an enormous part of the blame for future economic difficulties? And rightly so.

Please be a true champion of Australia’s interests. Vote to defeat, or at least defer, the implementation of this politically, socially and economically destructive ‘carbon’ tax. It is time for a rethink of ALP policies before you destroy your voter base.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret C.
Tranmere 5073

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