Hear, hear…..


Yesterday’s disgraceful display can only be described as a sham of democracy. Those in the gallery shone as they delivered the truth to the misaligned minority government as they ushered in their age of darkness. As I listened to the radio I heard those triumphant individuals chant as one, delivering a light so bright that the Speaker blindly said…”it is a privilege to sit in the chamber” 

Mr. Speaker, it is clear you are ignorant of democracy so I shall write to you to inform you of your lapse of judgement. You have the opportunity to correct it for the record. Friends see my letter below…

Mr. Harry Jenkins MP

Federal Member for Scullin

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Mr. Harry Jenkins

PO Box 167

Mill Park Vic 3082

To Mr. Jenkins,

I am writing to inform you it is a right of every Australian to sit in the
gallery to witness their parliament at work.
It is a privilege for you to be elected as The Member for Scullin and the Speaker Of the House of Our Australian Parliament.

I direct you to state this in The House of Representatives to correct your statement in parliament from Wednesday October 12th 2011 for the record.  

Yours Sincerely,

Michelle Tesoriero

P.S. I think snail mail is making a comeback!



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4 Responses to Hear, hear…..

  1. herculene says:

    Michelle Tesoriero is quite correct and I have sent an email to the Speaker agreeing with her letter to him and demanding a correction of his statment in Parliament on Wednesday last.

  2. herculene says:

    An excellent article by Piers Akerman.

  3. Michelle Tesoriero says:

    In my “Hear, hear, preamble to my letter I wrote “chamber” instead of “gallery.” The sentence should read; the Speaker blindly said, “it is a privilege to sit in the gallery” It is a right to sit in the gallery and a privilege to sit in the chamber. Just for the record, folks!

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