TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Letter to Tony Windsor


Dear Tony
I am concerned about the tax on CO2 and the associated legislation, as well as the governments attempt to make it Impossible to unravel. The questions that I have for you are as follows:
1. Have you read the proposed legislation and if not, how can you possibly vote for it. If you do have access to it and have read it , would you please summarize it for the Australian people.

2 Do you really believe, that the measures being taken by the Gillard government will affect temperature and climate change in a substantial way, and if so, by how much will the temperature fall by all the measures? Will the benefits of the measures be cost effective?

3. Do you realize, that great majority of the Australian people are against the tax on CO2?

4. Do you know, that the majority of people in your electorate are against the tax?

5. Why is there little talk now by the prime minister about climate change and why is the rhetoric now about a clean energy future? The tax on CO2 was supposed to reduce emissions and “carbon pollution” and not be about a clean energy future. Why is she changing course in mid stream?

6. Are you aware of the UNO publication “The world economic and social survey”. Did you know, that on page 19, among other things, it considers limiting demand by the people, and income per head to $10,000, so that a complete green energy future can be reached by 2050? Do you realize what the implications are of legal controls that limit demand for goods and services by the people of Australia? Do you realize,that Gillard’s clean energy future requires the reduction of per capita income of Australians to $10,000 in order that the UNO reaches its 2050 stated aims?

You must have realized by now, that the whole climate change thing is a giant hoax and its debate a giant distraction, because the real game in town is control by the UN. I urge you to think deeply about your responsibilities to the people of your electorate, as well as to the people of Australia, and expose this fraud and vote against the tax on CO2. You will become an overnight hero to the Australian people.
Mosman 2088
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TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Letter to the PM & Combet


Prime Minister Julia Gillard

The Honourable Greg Combet Minister for Climate Change & Energy efficiency


There is a torrent of conflicting information and misinformation relating to “man made carbon dioxide” and its link to global warming. Despite the highly contentious debate, the ALP & Greens have sided with those asserting “human induced carbon dioxide is directly responsible for global warming”.


Fruitful undisputed science is only arrived out through intense robust scientific debate, scrutiny and testing. The ALP has shamefully ridiculed those scientists and members of the community refuting the global science on which they have relied labelling them as “deniers” and “sceptics”.

Scientific principals and fact are only achieved after rigorous unhindered examination where scientists arrive at a consensus. A theory is just that until such time it is proven to be scientifically sound and supported by sound data and scientific evidence beyond dispute.


As the ALP and Greens have opted to rely on a theory as scientific fact, the Australian people are entitled to be assured the refutations by credible scientists have likewise been fully examined and considered.

Have the ALP and the greens fully consider and vigorously examined the evidence that contradicts the science that you relied on?

(Video attached)


It would be a total dereliction of duty and negligence if the ALP and Greens dismissed the valid concerns raised without demanding a full scientific report addressing the counter argument. Prior to introducing any Carbon Tax legislation, the Australian people demand the government publicly respond to the scientists refuting the science on which you rest your hat. To implement a carbon tax with out eliminating and addressing the conflicting information is gross negligence. We as a nation have every right to be informed why the ALP and Greens have rejected the counter argument and the basis on which their concerns were dismissed.

We can not strongly enough stress the vital importance for every Australian to watch the video.


There after it is your right to demand the Government provide a full and frank response {prepared by scientists} and for the report to be made freely available so misinformation may be excluded from the debate. At present we utterly reject it when “a Theory” is passed of as “proven scientific fact” much to the objection of 1000’s of recognised notable scientist. Any inference by the government that “human induced carbon dioxide” is causing global warming and proven scientific fact and justification for introducing a carbon tax is a blatant lie and misrepresentation of the truth.


The video ( shows numerous highly respected and reputable scientists exposing the flawed evidence, and misrepresentation of data. It also raises very serious concern about the entire fallacy of Global Warming. The main issues discussed are briefly mentioned below.


  • In 1988 the United Nations created an organisation, known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or IPCC), to report on climate and changes to climate.
  • The claims made in the 1996 IPCC report were the basis of the Kyoto Agreement. Almost all developed countries have signed that agreement and are working towards reducing their emissions of carbon dioxide.
  • About twenty thousands scientists have publicly expressed their scepticism about the statements made by the IPCC and those by supporters of the notion of global warming.
  • These sceptical scientists argue that the claims for warming are not matched by the observations and that certain variability is a natural part of the climate. Most fundamentally they argue that there is no proof that a rise in carbon dioxide levels is the cause of rising temperatures and if this is the case, then the principles underlying the Kyoto Agreement are without foundation and the money spent to reach the proscribed emission targets will return no benefits at all.
  • If the Kyoto Agreement is without foundation then the introduction of alternative energy sources is also meaningless if the principal aim is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.



1. Any current warming of the earth is small and is normal climate variability.

2. There is no noticeable increase in the frequency of extreme weather events.

3. Talk of rising sea levels is alarmist and not supported by any data.

4. Despite claims to the contrary, research shows that past temperatures and carbon dioxide

levels have been markedly higher than today.

5. The current level of carbon dioxide is no cause for alarm.

6. The Kyoto Agreement will achieve very little – but neither would a greater reduction in

Carbon dioxide emissions.

7. An increase in the level of carbon dioxide is not the cause of global warming.

8. Computer models of climate are inaccurate – the IPCC admits this – and have no

Credibility; neither do the reports based on the inaccurate models.

9. The mechanisms which dictate the climate are still under investigation and to assign

warming to specific causes is premature.

10 Researchers have shown that sun and water vapour play a significant role with so much to learn.

Nature causes 97% of Carbon Dioxide. Man creates 3%.

Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas not a pollutant.

Carbon Dioxide is ESSENTIAL for all living matter.


Down Under Team



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Carbon Tax Corruption Scandal: Part 5 – Protect Our Freedom with The Galileo Movement (Care-Core-Cure)



In previous episodes we realised that contrary to what
the Greens say, humans do care; government and
Greens climate policies contradict science; and, human
carbon dioxide does not drive temperature or climate.
It’s not polluting Earth’s atmosphere. Nature controls
We learned of severe economic and environmental
damage from carbon dioxide taxing, trading and
rationing. We learned of a small group of UN
bureaucrats driving climate fraud for 40 years. To
achieve a political agenda, to control us by dictating
finances, energy, property rights and resource
allocation and by undermining national sovereignty.
And stealing our money to hurt us.
What can you do about it?
Firstly, think of your personal situation.
Under this Rudd-Gillard-Brown government,
electricity prices have increased by an average of 10%
a year.
Prices are forecast to rise 30% over 2 years. And that’s
without the tax.
Under this Rudd-Gillard-Brown government, average
water & sewerage prices have increased 9% each year.
Think how much more it now costs you to fill your car.
With the global economy fearing national debt
defaults, America’s credit rating has been downgraded.
Our economy is jittery. Retailers are retrenching and
closing. The high Aussie dollar is hurting exporters and
manufacturers. Business and consumer confidence is
Living costs are exploding. Uncertainty is crippling.
The Government is addicted to lies, waste and massive
debt. Yet Gillard and Brown want to add more of a
I’ve had a gutful of government lies, of being treated
like a mug, of seeing our kids and communities bashed
with endless propaganda that reeks of unfounded fear
and guilt. It’s destroying people’s spirit.
I’ve had a gutful of government shovelling tens of
millions of your dollars into propaganda that
misrepresents the science, tells any lie, buys any scary
Our web site provides links to MPs’ addresses, email
addresses and phone numbers. Tell your MP, Senators,
the ALP, the Greens you’ve had enough of Gillard’s
and Brown’s lies, you’ve had enough of them treating
us like mugs, you’ve had enough of them destroying
Australia’s governance.
(House of Representatives: members’ addresses:

Senators’ contact details:

Secondly, think of your industry and community. Ask
yourself, what will happen? I’m speaking out around
Australia and overseas to protect freedom, to protect
the environment, to protect the science that gave us our
way of life and security, to protect our economy and
most important of all, to protect our kids’ future.
Only one number matters: 76. We need 76 federal
members of parliament’s House of Representatives to
vote against the tax. Already the independents
Oakeshott, Wilkie and Windsor contradict science and
seem to sacrifice the nation’s needs to their personal
Contact Independent MP’s. Ask them to vote against
the tax.
Belt the Liberals for their lack of courage and integrity
in not exposing climate fraud that they know exists.
Although their approach won’t damage our country,
how can they lead if they’re afraid of the truth, afraid
of the media?
Why has the Opposition’s spokesman on climate
change, Greg Hunt turned his back on solid
documented evidence? It was given to him personally
and explained. It exposes climate fraud and proves
carbon dioxide cannot drive climate. He volunteered
that our presentation is one of the best presentations
he’s ever received.
Yet in the months since, three times when challenged
he failed to identify any errors in our material. He
merely says everyone is entitled to their belief. Science
is not about belief. It’s about verifiable data. Policy
affecting your future and your wealth should not be
based on someone’s religion.
Sadly, the ALP, Greens and Liberals demonstrate two
main casualties of fraudulent global climate alarm: the
deaths of national governance and scientific integrity.
They have been betrayed by supposed ‘loyalty’ to the
party system that has subverted parliament in Australia,
New Zealand and Britain and congress in America.
It seems climate alarm has exposed party loyalty as
betrayal of voters and as treason to the nation.
The Galileo Movement has one purpose: to Axe the
Tax. Get rid of it forever. Going above politics by
exposing misrepresentations of science Deceptions
paid for and spread by government.
Please go to our web site. Read the summaries. Read
the details. Share the facts. Decide how you can help
The Galileo Movement. We need your skills and
financial support for projects underway to Axe the Tax
and to protect freedom. Your freedom.
Please tell your industry association, employer,
community group, MP and friends that The Galileo
Movement can support them with facts.
It’s time to stand up for freedom and truth.
Government lies and deception have split our nation
and angered people. Yet neither hate nor violence are
answers. They bring misery and cloud the mind.
Instead true forgiveness ignores blame. True
forgiveness brings stillness, clarity and connection.
Clear minds focus our care so our cure protects the
core issue, which is our freedom.
Please: learn and share the facts, forgive, take action
yourself to protect your freedom.
I’m Malcolm Roberts, for The Galileo Movement, lets
work together to Axe the Tax.
Thank you for your time.

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Carbon Tax Corruption Scandal: Part 4 – This is Going to Hurt, by The Galileo Movement (Care-Core-Cure)


In previous episodes we realised that contrary to
what the Greens say, humans do care; government
and Greens climate policies contradict science; and,
human carbon dioxide does not drive temperature or
climate. It?s not polluting Earth?s atmosphere.
Nature controls climate.
So why do they tell us lies? Why do they want to tax
you for carbon dioxide?
Let?s follow the money.
Firstly, it?s the perfect revenue base. It?s taxing our
breathing. Carbon dioxide is essential for life.
Carbon is in every cell of every living organism. All
plants, animals, humans.
Second, it?s in fuels generating vital, clean
electricity: coal and gas. It?s in our only fuels for
mobility: oil, gas and … ethanol.
Third, it?s essential. When prices rise from carbon
dioxide taxing or „trading? or rationing schemes
people have no alternative. They?re forced to pay
That leaves families less to spend. That reduces
small business income. Paying the tax, small
business costs increase. Small business squeezed in
government?s clamp. No compensation for small
business, Australia?s largest employer.



Our major exporters will be hammered because their
competitors have no such extra cost. That exports
jobs overseas, as is happening in Europe. Production
moves to developing nations with poor technology
causing real increases in real pollution: sulphur
dioxide, nitrous oxides and particulates.
The actual government, Bob Brown?s Greens, want
to start the tax at four times the government?s rate.
And that?s just for their first step.
You see, the tax is open-ended. It?s designed to be
ratcheted upward. No compensation for future
Will you let Gillard and the Independents give the
Greens an open cheque?
But a tax is not enough for the Brown-Gillard
alliance. They plan to add a carbon dioxide „trading?
scheme in 2015. A second tax plus rationing plus
sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas. For
nothing. Including billions in brokerage to major
international banks. For nothing. Brown and Gillard
are trying to slap us with two taxes, both ratcheting
upward open-ended.
As Gillard said herself: “to cause pain”. To change
people?s behaviour.
The government pledged part of the tax revenue to
UN bureaucrats for their Green Fund. Gillard and
Brown are saying UN bureaucrats can spend your
money better than you can.
A small group of UN bureaucrats formed before
1972 without accountability to anyone. Initially led
by Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, first
Secretary-General of the corrupt United Nations
Environmental Program, the political wing that
formed the IPCC. Those bureaucrats have driven
climate fraud for 40 years.





Bob Brown recently admitted pushing global
governance. In 2009 Copenhagen?s draft treaty
exposed clauses to control national finances, energy,
property rights, resource allocation and national
Imagine Bob Brown in a world government.
Dictating to you after stripping you of basic property
rights and freedoms.
In these videos so far we have covered the core?s
three main parts: firstly, misrepresentation of
science; secondly, basic facts on carbon dioxide and
temperature; thirdly, the economics and how it will
hurt you financially. It will hurt your wallet and
bank account while robbing you of your basic
Knowing you care, and now understanding the core,
here are some cures: First, set people free. Stop the
unfounded peddling of soul-destroying fear and guilt
constantly bashing our kids and communities.
Second demand a Royal Commission into
government?s spreading of UN misrepresentations,
deceptions and lies. Third, stop every attempt to
artificially increase energy prices.
Ignoring massive environmental benefits of modern
science, technology, civilisation and industry, some
say: “raise prices anyway”.
Canadian environmentalist, Lawrence Solomon
though says, quote: “But Kyoto”, and by „Kyoto? he
means the UN?s failed carbon dioxide taxing,
trading and rationing schemes. “But Kyoto is not an
insurance policy. Just the opposite, it is the single
greatest threat today to the global environment,
because it makes carbon into currency. Carbon is the
element upon which all living things are built. With
carbon a kind of currency which is what all carbon
taxes and carbon trading and similar schemes do all
ecosystems suddenly have a commercial value that
makes them subject to manipulation for gain.”
(„The Deniers? book by Canadian environmentalist
Lawrence Solomon)

Raising energy prices cannot affect climate because
CO2 levels are a result of temperature, not a cause.
Raising energy prices will increase your electricity
bill, your petrol bill, your grocery food bill. Your
cost of transport, housing, clothing, lighting, heating,
air-conditioning, health services, water and sewerage
prices, communication, information services,
computing, entertainment, even holidays.
For nothing. Because CO2 levels are a result of
temperature, not a cause.

-CO2.pdf pages 1 & 2

Our web site reveals how raising energy prices will,
in four ways, seriously hurt the environment.
Impoverish hundreds of millions of people. And kill
more people than did the UN?s deadly ban on DDT.
And that was over 30 million deaths.




For nothing. A crooked scam designed to steal your
money and regulate you. To control us.
Science shows no need for any CO2 trading,
rationing or tax. They?re costly attacks on you,
humanity, the environment and our future.
Instead, to really care, lets together address the many
real humanitarian and environmental challenges that
we actually face. Lets protect small business,
families and happiness, by freeing people from
unfounded fear and guilt.
In the next video we?ll discuss what we can each do
to protect freedom.

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TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Attached is a copy of my letter to Wayne (Swan)


Date: 29 September 2011 7:03:57 PM AEST
To: “”
Subject: Carbon dioxide tax
Dear Wayne
As a member of the inner circle of government, you are aware of the the lying and deception that the government has used to justify this tax. You must therefore also know, that the climate debate is merely a red herring, designed to distract from the true motives behind the tax, namely the widespread distribution of Australian wealth to other countries, as well as greater control by governments at all levels, particularly the UNO, of the ordinary people.

You still have a chance to come clean and be a hero of the Australian people, if you vote against the tax and the controls that go with it, as well as to expose it for what it really is.

If you let this tax go ahead, you will be condemning the Australian people, including your children and grandchildren, to lower standards of living and greater hardship in the future.

Yours faithfully
Mosman NSW
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TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Letter sent to MP’s: Cheeseman, Smyth, Melham, Rowland, Bradbury, O’Neill, Perrett, Symon


Dear Ms/Mr ……….

Except for periodically exercising my democratic right at the ballot box, as a fourth generation, Australian born citizen, I have never, ever been involved in politics but in the last year or so I have become so deeply disheartened, worried, and very angry about the way my country has been mismanaged under Julia Gillard’s leadership that I now feel compelled to let other people know how I feel. I strongly believe that she has betrayed me and at least 80% of my fellow citizens, and that, collectively, we cannot trust her and some of her colleagues to achieve what’s best for the country and the wellbeing of all Australians.

Of particular concern to me, my wife and all of my friends are the apparent lies, distortions, manipulations, deceptions, misrepresentations, omissions, evasions and, plainly, myths exposed on almost all of the government’s policies but, most significantly, the blatant falsity of the bases for the government’s proposed clean energy bills; or, as they should be rightly called, the carbon dioxide tax bills. We need to restore integrity in the Australian government at the earliest possible moment before our country is unnecessarily impoverished for some highly questionable, very uncertain, if not patently wrong, assumptions on the human race’s alleged influence over the earth’s climate.

Further, as a retired engineer with a scientific bent, I am particularly galled by what seems to me is the overt subversion and destruction of true science under the auspices of so-called climate science to produce what clearly is an eco-political outcome. Rather than a measured response to deal with any real or imagined adverse climate changes, whether caused by humans or natural phenomena, the so-called climate science seems to be based on few, if any at all, truly scientific principles, viz. those governed by observation, hypothesis, experimentation, analysis, and replicable methodology that confirms the hypothesis by independent investigation. Worst of all is the overarching reliance on computer models and their frequent tweaking to try and relate the input data to the real-world observations, which is not a scientific method at all. I have read many articles on the so-called climate science and feel overwhelmed by the truths I have learnt that they are so contrary to the government’s propaganda; I am now compelled to make them known to you. I have noted some references below for your further reading, which I hope that you will avail some time urgently, before parliament resumes debate on the carbon tax bills.

My feeling is that a vast majority of Australians across the length and breadth of this great country are deeply upset, very annoyed and extremely frustrated at Julia Gillard’s total disregard for the voters’ clear intentions at last year’s election. We need a change of leadership or a change of government to resolve these issues, urgently.

Alternatively, please take action to stop, or at least defer, the carbon dioxide tax bills until there is overwhelming international support for any action on carbon dioxide. All the big carbon dioxide producing countries, viz. America, China, India, Brazil, Japan and Russia, have decided against taxing or trading carbon dioxide ‘credits’. Anything that Australia does in this regard would all have absolutely no measurable impact on the climate and worst of all would be economic madness if we acted now given the present global financial uncertainty and growing political instability.

Therefore, I earnestly implore you to restore integrity and leadership to the Australian government, and give its people hope that something positive will be done for their wellbeing – please vote against the carbon dioxide tax bills.

Yours sincerely,

Allan M. C.
Bonogin Qld 4213


cc: Chris Mitchell, Editor in Chief of The Australian
Carter Edwards Radio 2SM
Alan Jones Radio 2GB
Andrew Bolt Melbourne Herald Sun

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TWO WEEKS OF THUNDER – Letter to Member for Banks


Mr. Daryl Melham
Member for Banks
P.O. Box 775,
Revesby, N.S.W. 2212.
5th October, 2011.

Dear Mr. Melham,

I thank you for your reply Wednesday 26 September, 2011.
I refer to your directive for me to read the as an independent and reliable source of climate change. Its independence is as strong as the government’s position on a causal reason to implement an undemocratic and unreasonable new tax. I find it unreliable as it contains emotionally charged declarations of the opening paragraph that are not substantiated in the rest of the document. There is no reference to challenge my previous statement that CO2 is not a pollutant.
“Over many decades, thousands of scientists have painted an unambiguous picture: the global climate is changing and humanity is almost surely the primary cause. The risks have never been clearer and the case for action has never been more urgent.”
What of the supposed 4,000 IPCC scientists that supported anthropogenic climate change? It was actually 5 reviewers who were not scientists that made this claim! This was endorsed and spread by the then Rudd-Gillard-Brown government.
What does that say about those you support? Are you prepared to blindly follow?
“.. humanity is almost surely? “ . Is humanity almost or surely? Could that be doubt or certainty? The authorship of such an ambiguous statement gives a convenient disclaimer.
“Changes in rainfall patterns pose challenges for water supply and agriculture across Gippsland…”

A statement that is applicable to all over Australia and other countries of the world. If anything water harvesting should be one of the prime objectives on the agenda.

“Higher temperatures will increase the likelihood of large and intense fires”
Again, IF temperatures are rising (which is not the case) how is it we “evil” humans responsible? Perhaps we could better our management of hazard reduction?
“Rising sea levels will exacerbate existing vulnerability of coastal towns and infrastructure in the Gippsland region”
I ask, how does this relate to we, “evil, all powerful” humans? In fanciful fashion of the document shall we start loading sandbags on the coast?
As stated in my previous correspondence climate change is part of the earth since its formation. Climate changes occur within seasons. Humans do not control climate – that seems to claim a God like assumption of the Omni power of the human. The fire and brimstone ethos is egocentric at best with very limited scope of absolutes.
“This is the critical decade. Decisions we make from now to 2020 will determine the severity of climate change our children and grandchildren experience”
This resembles an apocalyptic state of thought, to add weight to it a proclamation of our destiny to be revealed in 2020. What agreement has already been ratified for the 2020 deadline? A penalty from the UN via interest accrued on the upcoming “CO2 debt” we are set to owe?
I shall provide you with comprehensive references in
that provides evidence to back my counter arguments in the climate commission document.
1. Scientific Untruths : The political and academic financial corruption of science.
• Key Facts
• Documented UN IPCC corruption
• Blatant politicisation of UN ‘science’
• The so-called ‘science was settled’ before the IPCC science started
• UN climate corruption started with UNEP in the 1970′s
• Prominent academics fail to provide real-world evidence yet collect government funding. Are they polluting science?
2. Science Facts & Futility
• Carbon dioxide – irrefutable basic facts
• CO2 is a consequence of temperature – not a cause
• CO2 is not a ‘pollutant’
• CO2 is essential for life on Earth – a perfect revenue base for controlling people
• Real-world science – Basics needed to prove human causation of warming
• Real-world science – Temperature facts
• UN IPCC shuns accurate atmospheric temperature evidence. Uses corrupted ground-based temperature ‘records’
• Ocean temperatures falling
• What about horror stories on sea level, insect-borne diseases, storm activity?
• What does drive climate?
I am making this website and its references available to you by independent and reliable source so you will have grounds to question the manufactured causal ideology that is designed for people to be scared into this hurried taxation push with aiding and abetting injury. Note that to pay compensation is admitting guilt to injury done to the recipient.
I ask you as the representative of Banks to read what I am referring you to ensure you do no harm to your constituents. Your decision goes further than the Banks electorate as this issue is beyond electoral boundaries. To ignore it is to allow for harm to come to all Australians; we share the same sky. If one Labor member can take a stand on this he/she will have my vote. For what it is worth in my view that person has what it takes to lead the Labor Party AND the country. I state that and for it to be on record.

I shall assume you stepped up for a life in public office to make a difference. I say this in good faith Mr. Melham, this time you can make a real difference.
Vote NO on the Carbon Dioxide Tax. It is your duty.

I thank you again for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

Michelle Tesoriero
Beverly Hills,
N.S.W. 2209

Chris Mitchell;
Editor in Chief of The Australian.
Carter Edwards;
Radio 2SM
Alan Jones
Radio 2GB
Andrew Bolt;
Melbourne Herald Sun

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ACCC Complaint


Sent: Wednesday, 13 August 2008 3:02 PM
To: Infocentre
Subject: Complaint re: Federal Government Climate Change Advertisement
I wish to complain about the Australian Government “Climate Change” advertisement currently showing on Australian TV (August, 2008). The text of the advertisement is as follows:

“Scientists warn Australia will be hit hard by climate change, with temperatures rising, water more scarce, and economists warn to protect our economy we must act now. We’re developing a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to tackle climate change, putting a limit on carbon pollution, and encouraging cleaner energy solutions. Think ‘climate’, think ‘change’. We can’t afford not to.”
I claim the advertisement fails these Advertising Standards Bureau Truth and Accuracy issues:
1. Misleading or deceptive advertising.
2. Misrepresentation in advertising.
3. The exploitation of community concerns in relation to portraying a product or service as benefiting the environment, if it does not.
1. The advertisement says, “scientists warn”, without qualification or reference to whom those scientists are. There are many scientists who dispute that climate change will cause significant problems. [;;]
2. There is no qualification of what “hard hit” means.
3. There is no qualification of how high temperatures are supposedly going to rise; thus it is impossible to know from the advertisement whether such rises are significant and will thus result in a “hard hit”.
4. There is no qualification of whether “more scarce” water applies to certain areas of Australia, nor of how significant such scarcity will be.
5. The reference to “economists warn” does not reference those economists, or that there are dissenting economists with differing views.
6. The advertisement uses the term “carbon pollution”. That is a meaningless (and misleading and deceptive) phrase. Carbon is an element. In the context of the climate change discussion, carbon as an element is not part of the discussion. The advertisement should refer (at least) to carbon dioxide, which is a gas.
7. The advertisement states that “carbon”, hence carbon dioxide, is a pollutant. But carbon dioxide is an essential gas present in trace amounts in the atmosphere. Without it, life on earth would not exist. Except in high concentrations, carbon dioxide is harmless to humans. There is considerable doubt that increases in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are a significant cause of increased temperatures. [;]
8. The advertisement implies all climate change is something to avoid (”We’re developing a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to tackle climate change…”), but does not mention that climate has been changing for thousands of years, with the earth having been both colder and warmer than it is now. That is a misrepresentation of facts. []
9. The advertisement exploits community concerns by attempting to cause fear by using the phrases “hard hit”, “must act now” and “can’t afford not to”.
10. The claim that we “must act now” are misleading because it implies temperatures are rising at a dangerous rate. In fact, global temperatures since 1998 have not passed that 1998 peak, and early 2008 global average temperatures are marginally less than the equivalent period of 1988 (repeating: 1988, not 1998). [;]
11. The claim that a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will “tackle climate change”, presumably successfully, is false and deceptive. Australian greenhouse gas emissions are less than 1.5% of global emissions, so even if such a scheme were to be totally successful in eliminating all Australian emissions, the effect globally would be minuscule.
12. The phrase “We can’t afford not to” is misleading and deceptive. There is no qualification as to what the costs will be, so it is impossible for the advertisement to so claim.
13. The advertisement displays images of both cooling towers and “smoke stacks”. Both are deceptive. In the case of cooling towers, the only emission is of condensed water vapour. In the case of the smoke stacks, there is a misleading confusion of particulate pollution with colourless carbon dioxide gas.
The advertisement thus fails, in many instances, the tests for truth and accuracy.
John T

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Carbon Tax Corruption Scandal: Part 3 – Real World Science (Care-Core-Cure)


-CO2.pdf two (2) short pages 1 & 2 and pages 3 & 4
provide supporting facts.
In our first video we established that people care. In
our second video we started to explore how core
understanding of the science has been compromised
by a deep and extensive rigging of climate science.
It?s clear. Contrary to what the government is telling
us, there?s no scientific consensus attributing global
warming to carbon dioxide. There?s no scientific
evidence for the government?s claim. The basis for
government climate policy is political reports driven
by a political agenda that reverses and deliberately
manipulates science. Misrepresentations of science
are promoted by people benefitting financially from
spreading climate fear.
In this video we?ll continue to explore the core issue
by understanding basic facts on carbon dioxide.
These facts are widely agreed on by those spreading
global warming fear and by sceptics.
Carbon dioxide is Nature?s colourless, odourless,
tasteless gas. Essential for all life on Earth, including
us. Trees need CO2 to live. Crops need CO2 to live.
We need trees and crops. You?re exhaling CO2 now.
It?s not poisonous. Calling it pollution is a … lie.

A lie is knowingly or recklessly stating something
that is not true creating a false or inaccurate
CO2 is less than 0.04% of Earth?s air. Less than 4 x
1/100th?s of one percent. It?s called a trace gas
because there?s bugger-all of it. Calling it pollution
is a … lie.
Of Earth?s annual production of carbon dioxide
human activity (all industry, transport, mining,
agriculture) produces just 3%, Nature 32 times more,
97%. Calling it pollution is a … lie.
Of that 3% from humans, Aussies produce just one
hundredth. One percent of the 3%. That?s 0.03% of
Earth?s annual CO2 production. Saying Aussie CO2
affects global climate is a … lie.
The variation alone in Nature?s production of CO2 is
estimated to be four times the entire human
production. Our CO2 is not affecting Nature?s
balance. It cannot. Calling it pollution is a … lie.
When Nature?s 97% is known to be essential for all
life on Earth, how can 3% be catastrophic? It cannot.
It is not. That?s insane. Crooked. Calling it pollution
is a … lie.
CO2 stays in the air only 5-7 years, sometimes just
months. Nature rapidly cycles it back into plants,
animals and oceans. Calling it pollution is a … lie.

48165214524 and references cited therein
71% of Earth?s surface is ocean. Ours is a blue
Oceans contain, in dissolved form, 50 times the CO2
in Earth?s entire atmosphere. CO2 is released from
and absorbed into the oceans according to
temperature. Calling it pollution is a … lie.
Annually, Nature overwhelmingly produces most of
Earth?s CO2. And Nature alone determines the
amount in air. Saying human CO2 determines CO2
levels is a … lie.
Measurements of global CO2 levels used by the UN
reveal that CO2 levels are a result of temperature,
not a cause. CO2 does not drive temperature.
Temperature determines global CO2 levels. Yet the
UN, the government and Greens tell us the opposite.
Reversing Nature. Reversing science. Saying CO2
drives temperature and climate is the biggest … lie.

Professor Murry Salby’s lecture at:

Each molecule of carbon dioxide combines an atom
of carbon with two atoms of oxygen. Referring to
Nature?s invisible gas as „carbon pollution?, a black
solid is a … blatant lie.
Are you aware the UN deliberately omitted 90,000
reliable measurements of CO2 levels taken in the
past 180 years? These reveal natural fluctuations up
to 40% above current levels. The UN, avoiding the

df see mentions of Jaworowski and Beck
(„The Deniers? book by Canadian environmentalist
Lawrence Solomon)

And: 18-
Alarmists claim water vapour feedbacks enhance
warming. Yet water vapour often helps Earth?s
surface shed heat to space. Measurements in the real
world reveal Nature?s feedbacks tend to modulate
and counter or reverse initial impacts.
Water is the only material on Earth that can be a
solid, liquid and gas at the same time. If there wasn?t
so much of it, perhaps many more people would
study it. The ignorance of water vapour in
understanding climate is a huge hole. Clouds, snow,
rain, latent heat, ice, …
(„Slaying the Sky Dragon? book by an international
team of scientists and authors)
Do you know that the only reliable measures of
global atmospheric temperature are by weather
balloons and satellites? These reveal no net
warming, just inherent variation in Nature?s cooling,
warming, cooling cycles. Climategate: tampering
with data, withholding data, hiding evidence.



„Climate: The Counter Consensus? by
palaeolimatologist Professor Bob Carter. See:
Ask yourself “why?” as you check data for yourself
at our web site,
Given the money, the billions in research grants; the
academic careers, reputations and egos being
fabricated and manipulated for personal gain, this is
(Fraud is defined in the dictionary as the
presentation of something as it is not for personal
There is no evidence humans caused the entirely
natural cooling, warming, cooling cycles. The core,
the UN?s climate body, is rotten … It?s rotten to the

Globally, carbon dioxide levels in air are a result of
temperature, not a cause. Carbon dioxide is not
polluting our atmosphere or climate. It is Nature?s
trace gas essential for all life on Earth.
Water vapour is not a magnifier of warming. It is a
modulator of temperature variation.
There is no net warming. Just Nature?s natural
variation driven by El Nino cycles. And the sun.


Why are the Prime Minister and the Minister for
Climate Change lying about carbon dioxide and
carbon? As a mining engineer, Greg Combet?s
educational qualifications indicate he should know


„Air Con? by New Zealand Investigative reporter Ian

In our next episode we?ll explore the consequences
of taxing, trading, and rationing carbon dioxide.
September, 2011.

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Carbon Tax Corruption Scandal: Part 2 – Rogues Gallery (Care-Core-Cure)


Our previous video established that people care. Now we go
to the core, the deliberate manipulation of science.
The government and Greens policies are based on reports by
the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate
Change, the UN IPCC. It selects scientists and activists to
read literature. UN politicians then write Summary Reports
given to national governments and media.
The IPCC does no scientific research. It?s not accountable to
any national governments. It is accountable to no one.
Our web site provides a brief global climate alarm timeline
starting with 1974?s supposed, forecast, imminent,
irreversible catastrophic global … freezing. A new Ice Age.
Blamed on? Coal and oil.

More at:
Some of the same climate scientists who now fabricate
global warming brought you global cooling just 30 years
ago. The same supposed cause producing a completely
opposite result.
Two years later, in 1976 a slight increase in temperatures
was christened the Great Pacific Climate Shift
Just four years later, at the UN?s 1980 conference in
Villach, Austria, government scientists from around the
world refused to sign the UN?s claim of global warming due
to human production of carbon dioxide. They said “there?s
no evidence”.
The UN learned its lesson. For its next conference in 1985,
the UN selected the delegates. Those delegates signed The
UN?s claim despite the continuing lack of evidence. The UN
fabricated global warming.
In 1995, five times IPCC scientists reported there?s no
evidence of human warming. Yet UN politicians reported to
national governments and media, and I quote: “The balance
of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on
global climate”. The UN, contradicting the evidence. Why?
I?ll tell you why. The IPCC?s actual written instructions
state that once they?ve announced the politics, in this case
the supposed need to reduce human production of carbon
dioxide, then the only changes they will publish to the
science report, to use their exact words, “shall be those
necessary to ensure consistency with the Summary for
Policymakers (SPM)”. That is, the political document.
Tim Ball in chapter 11 of the book „Slaying the Sky
The IPCC?s Chairman at the time, Bert Bolin, had
previously pushed for a carbon dioxide tax before the IPCC
was even formed. The politics, the grab for money and
power was decided before they even started the science.

As PM, Kevin Rudd echoed IPCC Chairman Rajendra
Pachauri repeatedly saying 4,000 scientists claim warming
is blamed on human production of carbon dioxide. UN
figures though reveal only 5 reviewers endorsed that claim.
Not 4,000 scientists, just 5 reviewers. A blatant falsity from
the very top of the UN?s climate body, spread by the very
top of the Rudd-Gillard-Brown government.

Chapter 9 of the IPCC?s latest report, 2007, is its core. This
section is where it actually claims there is warming and
attributes it to human production of carbon dioxide. I?ve
read it, completely, twice. There is no evidence that human
production of CO2 caused warming.

UN Expert Science Reviewer, internationally eminent
research scientist Dr Vincent Gray has around 60 years realworld
experience in science, including the last 21 years in
climate. He?s reviewed all four IPCC reports: 1990, „95,
2001, 2007. He says there?s no evidence of man made
warming anywhere.

Then go to Vincent Gray, Review of Chapter 9

IPCC data reveals that the peer review processes are
corrupted, often bypassed, sometimes prevented. Its latest
report, 2007, cites and relies on more than five and a half
thousand references that were not peer reviewed, including
hikers? stories, newspaper articles and political activists?
campaign material. Yet IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri
repeatedly claims 100% use of peer-reviewed science. Yet
another blatant falsity from the very top of the UN climate
body, spread by the top of the Rudd-Gillard-Brown govt.

In Australia, I?ve asked for evidence from all 8 publicly
prominent university academics spreading global warming
fear: Flannery, Karoly, Garnaut, Steffen, England, Pitman,
Lambeck, Hoegh-Guldberg. And from CSIRO?s Chief
Executive Megan Clark and its Group Environmental
executive, Andrew Johnson. And Australia?s Chief Scientist
appointed under Rudd, Penny Sackett. And recently from
the Australian Academy of Science’s Science Policy
Manager, Martin Callinan. Who, reportedly, previously
worked for Rudd’s government.
Refer to posted copies of correspondence under the
sub-heading: ‘Do these academics sound like climate
change ‘experts’?’

Flannery is the government?s Chief Climate Commissioner.
Steffen a Commissioner. Karoly, England and Pitman are on
the Climate Commission?s Science Advisory Panel. Garnaut
seems the government?s main climate adviser.
Most replied. They all failed to provide evidence. They fail
to disclose their financial interests. All are government
funded. Your taxes. No evidence.
Fraud is defined by the dictionary as the presentation of
something as it is not for personal gain.
The international Inter-Academy Council reviewed the
IPCC disgraced by the Climategate scandal. So critical is
the Council?s report, it?s impossible for anyone to know
which IPCC statements, if any, can be believed. There can
be no confidence at all in the IPCC?s latest report, 2007.



Yet the Council?s Executive Summary was inconsistent in
tone and content with the report?s body. The Executive
Summary appears to violate the Council?s own guidelines.
One of the two summary authors is Kurt Lambeck, former
President of the Australian Academy of Science. He?s in the
Australian National University?s Climate Change Institute.
Its Director is Will Steffen.
Close interconnections between climate research institutes
within major universities, the IPCC, various academies and
government bodies are deep and extensive. The common
thread? Government funding.
It ranges from research grants to publication under another
name of glossy documents funded by the Department of
Climate Change. Yet none have any specific real-world
scientific evidence that human production of carbon dioxide
caused Earth?s latest modest atmospheric warming period
that ended around 1998. Some documents appear to simply
be propaganda.
Is the academics? position accidental, an honest mistake,
unconscious, deliberately deceptive or fraudulent? You

0Fraud_part%201.pdf (see 2010, Climategate)

It?s clear. There?s no consensus attributing global warming
to carbon dioxide. There?s no scientific evidence for the
government?s claim. The basis for government climate
policy is political reports driven by a political agenda
reversing and corrupting science. Misrepresentations of
science are promoted by people benefitting financially from
spreading climate fear.
None of this will help our planet. It hurts our planet. It hurts
Check for yourself at our web site. Section 1 is entitled
“Scientific Untruths”. We expose UN and government
misrepresentations of science. We have provided a short
summary and a full argument with references.


In our next episode we will look at the core facts on carbon
dioxide. Facts agreed on by both climate alarmists and

These facts reveal that carbon dioxide cannot do what
climate alarmists claim.

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