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The Cost to You - In A Nutshell

What will a Carbon Dioxide Tax do for you? It will:
  • Increase your electricity bill
  • Increase your water bill
  • Increase your fuel bills
  • Increase your grocery bills
  • Increase the cost of all transportation
  • Increase the cost of all transported goods
  • Increase the cost of housing, clothes, health services, education, information, entertainment
  • Increase the cost of every part of your cost-of-living
  • Increase the GST you pay
  • Export jobs overseas
  • Increase domination by bureaucrats
  • Make no real difference to the climate
It cannot make any difference because carbon dioxide levels are a consequence of temperature, not a cause.

Why would you do it?

  • The carbon dioxide tax is deliberately open-ended. The government admits it is structuring the tax to be increased severely in future stages. From July 1, 2011 the Greens will control the Senate. They are already demanding a carbon dioxide tax rate four times higher than what the government is telling us;
  • Greg Combet committed Australia to paying part of tax revenue to a UN Green Fund formerly known as the Copenhagen Green Climate Fund. He'll be tithing you to pay UN bureaucrats to deprive developing nations of reliable, cheap, responsible energy.
  • The uncertainty means less investment. The uncertainty came only because government threatened the tax and 'trading' (rationing) scheme. The uncertainty can be removed easily - by dropping the tax and the rationing scheme;

It's time to take action:

After discovering reality for themselves many people shrug and say they knew all along that blaming global warming on humans is a con.

Remember Edmund Burke's words: "The triumph of evil requires only for good men to do nothing". Good people need to do three things:

  • Demand their federal MP vote against any action on Nature's essential trace gas, CO2.
  • Donate to the non-profit Galileo Movement so real scientists can be heard in the media to pressure politicians. We need this to counter climate propaganda being spread by millions of dollars of taxpayer funded false advertising and billions of taxpayer dollars promoting pseudo-environmental programs and Climate Commission contrivances.
  • Speak up and speak out. Tell your friends about the scientific untruths and the scientific facts, and about The Galileo Movement
  • Print and distribute the flyer