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Consumers And Taxpayers Association (CATA)

Nationwide March/Rally In Every Major City

'Election Now - We Are Ready'
Sunday, 1st July 2012

* Post rally update - see the image gallery *

To offer your support and assistance and for information please contact the organisers:
Brisbane Organiser, Tim Wells on 0435 146 119 or
Other cities, please contact Jacques Laxale 04 3875 8901

This is a call out to all, young or old, rich or poor, whatever position you are in life. We as a nation need to stand up against the greatest abuse of our democratic and financial freedom ever by a government. The introduction of the carbon dioxide tax has done just that. We were lied to by our PM before the last election and since then her government and the Greens have fabricated more lies about what this evil tax is suppose to do for us.

Enough is enough, more and more people are seeing through the spin. The simple truth is that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but rather PLANT FOOD, yes that is what is being taxed, unbelievable isn't it? All this pain for NIL gain for the environment.

Well on 1st July, nationwide we can let this government know clearly what awaits them at the next election - A BASEBALL BAT.

You can order now your plastic blow up baseball bat for only $10 delivered anywhere in Australia. It will have the words "ELECTION NOW - WE ARE READY". Please purchase early so as not to miss out. All you need to do is send an email to with your contact details and the number of bats you want and we will reply to you with a ref no and payment details or phone Jacques on 0438 758 901.

Also we have provided a Youtube video worth watching. It is entitled "If I wanted America to die" and as you are watching it, each time America is mentioned just think in your mind the name Australia because this is what is happenning right now with this socialist Labor/Greens agenda.

Team leaders are already been organized in every state, we will need to do the media blitz to include talk back radio stations, local community newspapers, facebook, twitter, leaflet drops, posters etc... We urgently need helpers in every state with all those media avenues to reach.

Speakers to be invited for each state will include...

12 noon meet at Hyde Park. Hon Tony Abbott, Sen John Williams, Hon Bromwyn Bishop, Hon Craig Kelly, Rick Colussi, Jacques Laxale etc...

Alan Jones, Hon Andrew Robb, Hon Sophie Mirabella, Hon Bruce Bilson, Hon Josh Frydenberg, Alan Pianta, Anita Donlon etc...

Hon Warren Truss, Sen Barnaby Joyce, Clive Plamer, Sen George Brandis, Hon Peter Dutton, Malcolm Roberts, Chris Johnson etc...

Andrew Forrest, Hon Julie Bishop, Sen Marthias Cormann, David Archibald

Nick Minchin, Sen Cori Bernardi, Jo Nova, David Evans

To be advised

To be advised

Sen Eric Abertz,

I found this video on Twitter today. If you could replace 'America' with 'Australia' - it's almost a carbon copy of what's happening under this Government. Nearly 2 million people have watched this video. The message is unmistakable.

Jacques Laxale

Consumers & Taxpayers Association Inc.
Media Enquiries Phone 0438 758 901