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Scientific Facts - In A Nutshell

Did you know?
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air are less than 0.04%;
  • Annually, all human activity produces 3% of Earth's CO2, Nature 97%, 32 times more;
  • Driven by temperature, oceans release and absorb CO2. Oceans contain in dissolved form, fifty times the CO2 contained in Earth's entire atmosphere;
  • Nature alone controls the air's CO2 levels. Total human production is one quarter of just the variation in Nature's production. Despite continuous human CO2 production, every year during the southern hemisphere winter Nature reduces Earth's global CO2 levels;
  • The absorption of human and industrial CO2 into oceans and plants is the same as for CO2 produced by Nature;
  • Residence time for CO2 is only 5 to 7 years. It is then recycled back into sinks such as plants, oceans and soils. Some studies show recycle time is only 12 months;
  • UN IPCC data on the air's carbon dioxide (CO2) levels show carbon dioxide is a consequence of temperature, not a cause. This is true for every period in Earth's history and over every duration;
  • Carbon dioxide is a natural trace gas essential for all life on Earth. With Nature annually producing 97% of all CO2, CO2 is obviously not a pollutant;
  • There has been no increase in global atmospheric temperature since 1998. 'Global warming' is not happening;
  • Climate varies naturally with inherent variation in Nature's cooling-warming-cooling cycles. Accurate temperature measurements by satellite and weather balloons show no net warming. El Nino and solar activity explain temperature variation;
  • The UN's climate body downplays satellite and weather balloon data and prefers ground-based temperature measurements known to be corrupted;
  • Ocean temperatures have been flat or slightly cooling since 2003;
  • Oceans are alkaline. Earth's oceans thrived for extensive periods with the air's CO2 20 times that of today. Anyway, when oceans warm they release CO2 into the atmosphere;
  • Australia's sea levels during the last 15 years have risen only 0.3 mm per year. In 100 years that will be just over one inch. The most extensive study measuring Pacific island sea levels shows no rise since measurements began in 1992. Sea level projections by the government and its taxpayer funded Climate Commission rely on unvalidated computer models themselves relying on temperature guesses proven wrong;
  • There has been no increase in storm activity or strength. In falsely claiming increased storms, the UN IPCC's chairman contradicted and overrode the IPCC's storm expert, Chris Landsea. In protest, Landsea resigned from the UN IPCC;

Facts on CO2

  • A four-page summary of facts on CO2 with supporting material and references is available here.
  • A four-page summary of facts on CO2 with supporting material and references plus intriguing questions is available here.

It's time to take action:

After discovering reality for themselves many people shrug and say they knew all along that blaming global warming on humans is a con.

Remember Edmund Burke's words: "The triumph of evil requires only for good men to do nothing". Good people need to do three things:

  • Demand their federal MP vote against any action on Nature's essential trace gas, CO2.
  • Donate to the non-profit Galileo Movement so real scientists can be heard in the media to pressure politicians. We need this to counter climate propaganda being spread by millions of dollars of taxpayer funded false advertising and billions of taxpayer dollars promoting pseudo-environmental programs and Climate Commission contrivances.
  • Speak up and speak out. Tell your friends about the scientific untruths and the scientific facts, and about The Galileo Movement
  • Print and distribute the flyer